Destiny hasn’t sold US$ 500 million worth of copies….yet! Buy now.

Reports abound of how Destiny has sold over $500 million worth of copies worldwide. This isn’t accurate. This isn’t sales to actual consumer sheeple, it is to retail outlets and distributors. More details here

Whether or not gamers actually end up buying that much is yet to be known. Not that anyone is waiting for that Xbox one before they buy I do believe Destiny will easily surpass that in a week in “actual” sales.

If you haven’t noticed the Destiny site clearly shows which platforms are supported here

PC is never going to be there so there is that tiny market who will not be enjoying this. Quite a few people do not know that Destiny is well supported on Xbox 360 and PS3 so there is no need to wait to buy your new system


Go forth and grab you copy today! Limited Editions of Destiny here 




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