PowerColor Teases R9 290X LCS GPU, Arrives Next Week

AMD announced it’s latest R9 series of graphics cards a couple of weeks ago, although the R9 290X decimated the GTX 780, it’s bigger brother, the GTX 780Ti is still in the game. EVGA announced the custom GTX 780Ti Classified KPE yesterday to be the fastest GPU of them all. There still aren’t any custom designed R9 290X GPU’s but fret not, PowerColor has taken the initiative and has teased it’s upcoming R9 290X LCS graphics card.


We wouldn’t exactly call the R9 290X LCS a ‘custom-designed’ variant because it uses the same reference PCB as the normal R9 290X. The card uses a non-reference cooler, which is a water-cooled solution by EK Water Blocks. The water block (EK-FC R9-290X) will allow more overclocking head-room for the card, while keeping the temperature in the optimal zone. We all know just how hot the R9 290X runs. PowerColor did reveal any details about the card, and the picture doesn’t say much either, but we expect some enhancements here and there, along with a slight factory overclock.


Other manufacturers are also aiming to launch their variants of the R9 290X by this years end. That said, expect many paper launches.

Source: FaceBook

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